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An amazingly generous Status Coup member sent Jenn a COVID care package! Thank you so much for being a member :-) https://youtu.be/c4W3fM5LXDM  
In this clip, Jordan goes into Twitter's censoring and suppressing our bombshell Flint water cover-up report. Thank you for supporting Status Coup as a Member! https://youtu.be/hD_3255cR4g  
In this clip, Jordan reads some of the interesting (and unhinged) viewer emails  he's recently got. Thanks for supporting Status Coup as a Member! https://youtu.be/q6vJO4Yvee0
Hey there, Thank you so much for being a member of Status Coup! We are so excited to host a members call for December this evening at 7:30 pm eastern time. It's been a while since we've had a members call...
In this clip, Jordan opens up a cool gift from his wife that the audience may like. Thanks for your support as a member! https://youtu.be/6LSYrgjEh_c
So very very thoughtful! And thank YOU for being a member! https://youtu.be/Q6KcI---jwE  
In this clip, Jenn provides an update on her COVID-19 diagnosis (while fatigued laying in bed). Thanks for supporting us as a Member! https://youtu.be/Y6mOgFHNYKI
In this clip, Jenn reacts right after her fiery exchange with Rudy Giuliani at the Trump's campaign's wacky press conference on November 19th, 2020. Thanks for your support as a Member! https://youtu.be/1rppvXPH1VM  
In this clip, Jordan—while doing his daily leg stretches—explains what he and Jenn have been doing behind-the-scenes to figure out a months-long paid members purge. Thanks for supporting us as a member! https://youtu.be/GWOCK7PXA9E  
In this clip, Jordan and Jenn react to a local news reporter who set up the location of his report at least 500 feet from where the actual election protests were actually taking place. Thanks for supporting us as a...
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