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In this clip, Jordan and Jenn show you an unreal email Jordan received from the executive editor of the South Bend Tribune---who refused to credit Status Coup for breaking a story about cops from the South Bend Police Department...
In this clip, Jordan takes you behind-the-scenes while reporting in South Bend Indiana. After breaking a story about police officers from Pete Butttigieg's South Bend Police Department reenacting a KKK scene from "Django Unchained" while arresting a black man,...
Thanks for being a member! https://youtu.be/fAty0TK7r_M https://youtu.be/3xHorcnEc70  
In this clip, Jordan talks about a major story (without giving details) that he is digging into that has huge ramifications. Thank you for supporting Status Coup as a Patron! If you're feeling extra generous, we're still fundraising through...
In this clip, Jordan, Jenn, and Ty head to Seattle and talk about their efforts to try and book interviews on the homelessness and affordable housing crisis (in large part created by Amazon). Thank you for supporting Status Coup as...
In this video, Jordan reads an email from a viewer who is not happy with Jordan not traveling to cover a story of "biblical" proportions soon. Thank you for your support as a Member! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrnyRkq6YPU  
Thank you for being a member! SUPPORT our in-field reporting: http://StatusCoup.com/SupportSC https://youtu.be/PuXN2qKVFqE
Thank you for being a member! https://youtu.be/eTAqUMe5DQc  
Status Coup's Jordan Chariton and Jenn Dize give members the behind-the-scenes of the big Flint story and trying to get it published. https://youtu.be/qFaZ8505OTI  
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