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In this clip, Jordan opens up a cool gift from his wife that the audience may like. Thanks for your support as a member! https://youtu.be/6LSYrgjEh_c
In this clip, Status Coup photojournalist Ty Bayliss takes you through his process of making final edits and revisions on our "Flushing Flint" documentary before we submit the documentary to several film festivals. Ty is attempting to cut the...
In this clip, Jordan plays Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch for the first time--the first of what will be Status Coup's new hard-hitting journalism of...Jordan playing video games LIVE on our Twitch channel. Thanks for supporting us as a Member! https://youtu.be/AYHtqxuqyaM  
Thank you so much for being a member of Status Coup! As a member or Flint resident, you get access to our investigative reporting documentary, Flushing Flint. To view the video, please use the following password: FlushingFlint7
In this clip, Jordan explains how he was able to make key political observations as a result of dropping his laptop in the bathtub (oy vey!) Thanks for supporting Status Coup as a member! You can also support our reporting...
In this clip, Jenn reacts right after her fiery exchange with Rudy Giuliani at the Trump's campaign's wacky press conference on November 19th, 2020. Thanks for your support as a Member! https://youtu.be/1rppvXPH1VM  
Thanks for being a member! https://youtu.be/QK-UCxTA8CY
In this clip, Status Coup's Jenn Dize takes you inside the details surrounding the pro-life March for Life rally in Washington, D.C. that President Trump is speaking at on January 24th, 2020. https://youtu.be/JJ1PnXJtrPw   Thanks for supporting Status Coup as a Member!
In this clip, Jenn provides an update on her COVID-19 diagnosis (while fatigued laying in bed). Thanks for supporting us as a Member! https://youtu.be/Y6mOgFHNYKI
Thank you for being a member! SUPPORT our in-field reporting: http://StatusCoup.com/SupportSC https://youtu.be/PuXN2qKVFqE
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