Gentrification, Headline, Oligarchy, Progressive Movement

Jeff Bezos and Amazon Creating Horrific Tale of Two Cities in Seattle

Gentrification, Oligarchy, Progressive Movement

Seattle Socialist Kshama Sawant: We Need to WIN on Affordable Housing

Elections, Establishment, Gentrification

Detroit Activist: Kamala Harris & Cory Booker Are “Corporate Sellouts”

Black Lives Matter, Gentrification

Where is the Aid for Growing Humanitarian Crisis In….Detroit?

Black Lives Matter, Environment, Gentrification, People Planet

The Democratic Party’s ABANDONMENT of Local Issues is Enabling Lead Crisis

Black Lives Matter, Gentrification, Justice Journalism, Progressive Movement

Detroit Is Ground Zero for the Evils of Capitalism

Corporations, Gentrification, Oligarchy, Political Puppets

What Corporate Media Won’t Show You: The People Vs. General Motors

Status Coup

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