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MORE exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and video will be added to this post soon! Jenn went undercover at a DNC holiday party. Here's what happened:  
In this clip, Jordan and Jenn show you an unreal email Jordan received from the executive editor of the South Bend Tribune---who refused to credit Status Coup for breaking a story about cops from the South Bend Police Department...
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In this clip, Jordan takes you behind-the-scenes while reporting in South Bend Indiana. After breaking a story about police officers from Pete Butttigieg's South Bend Police Department reenacting a KKK scene from "Django Unchained" while arresting a black man,...
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In this clip, Jordan talks about a major story (without giving details) that he is digging into that has huge ramifications. Thank you for supporting Status Coup as a Patron! If you're feeling extra generous, we're still fundraising through...
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