In this clip, Jordan plays Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch for the first time--the first of what will be Status Coup's new hard-hitting journalism of...Jordan playing video games LIVE on our Twitch channel. Thanks for supporting us as a Member!  
Jordan takes a moment to respond to a comment that used anti-Semitic language to criticize an interview he did. Thanks for all your support and being a member! Video Password: memberpower
Jenn recaps her first day of training for dangerous in-the-field reporting scenarios. Thanks for being a member and for your support! Video Password: memberpower  
Sneak Peak for Members! Here is early access to an upcoming video breaking down what Status Coup can do in just ONE WEEK! Video Password: memberpower  
Thanks for being a member! More info on this reporting trip: Video Password: memberpower  
THANK YOU so much for being a member! We can't do this reporting without you. SUPPORT this reporting road trip through several states, if you can. We're trying to fundraise enough $ to go on to WV to EXPOSE Joe...
Thank you so much for being a member! This video is Jenn, Jordan, and Jon discussing the current day's trip, the trouble of getting stories out, and much more! Password to watch: memberpower
Jenn gives her immediate thoughts following her heated interaction with a Fraternal Order of Police Member on her last reporting trip. Video Password: memberpower
Thank you so much for being a member! You make Status Coup and our in-field reporting possible. Jordan comes to you on his initial drive before those first interviews in Philly. Password to watch: memberpower    
In this clip, Jordan shows you some cool political souvenirs he got on Haight Street in San Francisco. Thanks for supporting us as a Member!
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