MORE exclusive behind-the-scenes photos and video will be added to this post soon! Jenn went undercover at a DNC holiday party. Here's what happened:  
Status Coup's Jordan Chariton and Jenn Dize give members the behind-the-scenes of the big Flint story and trying to get it published.  
In this clip, Status Coup's Ty Bayliss speaks with homeless people in Los Angeles, which has recently seen a 16 percent increase in homelessness. Thank you for supporting Status Coup as a Member! You can also support our GoFundMe...
In this clip, Jordan explains why he's under quarantine again and what he's doing behind-the-scenes to make sure Status Coup is in-the-field covering protests in as many places as possible. Thanks for supporting us as a Member!  
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Thank you so much for being a member of Status Coup! Here are some behind-the-scenes pictures of Jordan reporting from the Iowa caucuses.
Hey there, It's time! The documentary is now out JUST for you as a Status Coup Member and for Flint residents. Go to this URL: And use this password: justiceforflint (PLEASE do not share that with anyone who's not a member or Flint...
In this clip, Jenn provides an update on her COVID-19 diagnosis (while fatigued laying in bed). Thanks for supporting us as a Member!
Thank you SO much for being a member...and here's an update from the man himself, Jordan!  
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