In this members-exclusive video, Jordan explains how right before he was set to go live on Sunday, December 23rd he realized his livestream wasn't working (after he had promoted his Jimmy Dore interview for days!) Thank you for being a...
  Thank you so much for being a member! Please support our convention week road trip fundraiser if you're able to, and check out our updates and pics:  
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In this clip, Jordan takes you behind-the-scenes responding to moronic commenters on Reddit. Thank you for your support as a Member!  
We're working hard to get this Flint story out to as many outlets and people as possible. Here's a behind-the-scenes of our outreach efforts. Leave a comment and let us know what you think and if you have any... The ever-awesome Colin Tooley takes you behind the scenes of editing for Status Coup! Thank you for being a member!
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In this clip, Status Coup editor Colin Tooley talks about taking his first stab at investigative reporting. Thank you for supporting Status Coup as a Member! Thank you for being a member and supporting Status Coup!
In this clip, Jordan talks about an interview he just did with an Asian American New Yorker who's been on the receiving end of bigoted racist slurs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. WATCH Jordan's interview w/ Livis Zhang. Thanks for your...
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