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In this clip, Jordan explains why he's under quarantine again and what he's doing behind-the-scenes to make sure Status Coup is in-the-field covering protests in as many places as possible. Thanks for supporting us as a Member!  
Status Coup's Jordan Chariton and Jenn Dize give members the behind-the-scenes of the big Flint story and trying to get it published.  
In this clip, Jordan explains how he prepares for an in-the-field reporting trip—and how he lines up potential people to interview—before he and Ty hit the road again this weekend. You can give Ty and Jordan a little extra support...
In this clip, Jordan updates the audience on behind-the-scenes happenings with Status Coup's first documentary "Flushing Flint." Thanks for supporting us as a Member! If you have a few extra bucks lying around this month, we are less than 16K...
In this clip, an extremely tired duo of Jordan and Ty drive an hour home at 2:30am in Miami, Florida due to a friend accidentally taking their keys—delaying them for an hour following their coverage of Tulsi' Gabbard's Democratic...
In this clip, Status Coup editor Colin Tooley shows you his editing process for the creation of a promo video contrasting the 24/7 impeachment coverage with Status Coup's in-the-field coverage of the systemic scandals happening around the country. Thanks for...
Here's the behind-the-scenes of what Jenn's been up to with Status Coup.    
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