In this members video, Status Coup editor Colin Tooley shows you his process for making full-screen graphics for Status Coup's livestream. Thank you for supporting Status Coup as a member!
In this sneak peak of Status Coup's not-yet-released "The Flushing of Flint" documentary, Jordan Chariton speaks with Flint resident Fredrick Jones about the improper lead and copper testing done at his house by officials trained by the Michigan Department...
In this behind-the-scenes members video, Status Coup photojournalist Ty Bayliss takes you through his latest round of editing for "The Flushing of Flint" documentary. Thank you for being a member and supporting Status Coup as we grow!
Status Coup editor/graphic designer Colin Tooley (with us since the beginning!) shows you the behind-the-scenes of creating the Status Coup introduction animation. Thank you for being a Status Coup member and supporting us as we grow!
In this members-exclusive video, Jordan explains how right before he was set to go live on Sunday, December 23rd he realized his livestream wasn't working (after he had promoted his Jimmy Dore interview for days!) Thank you for being a... Thank you for being a member and supporting Status Coup! The ever-awesome Colin Tooley takes you behind the scenes of editing for Status Coup! Thank you for being a member!
In this behind-the-scenes video diary, I talk about our struggles with getting the Flint story out... and the people who give us hope.  
Ty takes you behind-the-scenes as he edits our videos and mini Flint doc! Leave a comment for Ty in the comments section :-) Thank you for being a member!
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