In the fifth installment of Status Coup's "This Is Your Brain on CORPORATE Media," we show the media spending time questioning President Trump's machismo while completely ignoring the murder of a 26-year-old black man—Botham Jean— who was minding his...
Jordan Chariton reports on Nancy Pelosi's donors with strong ties to fossil fuel companies.  
Jordan Chariton reports on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo attacking socialists who are attacking the corporate welfare he's providing to Amazon.  
Jordan Chariton reports on Fox News marketing "Build the Wall" toy sets and also helping the progressive movement. SUPPORT this reporting by signing up for Jordan's email list or contributing to the new Status Coup Reporting GoFundMe!  
Jordan Chariton reports on a New York Times piece that falsely suggests the way to attract Trump supporters to vote Democrat is by being moderate.  
Jordan Chariton reports on the fact that Amazon will get a heads up from the state of Virginia when journalists file Freedom of Information Requests related to the deal struck between the company and Virginia to put its second...
Jordan Chariton reports on the sweetheart deals Amazon received from New York City and Virginia to open up their second headquarters. SUPPORT this reporting by contributing to the new Status Coup Reporting GoFundMe!  
Jordan Chariton reports on protests outside Nancy Pelosi's office calling for drastic action on climate change. WATCH:    
Jordan Chariton reports on former Vice President Joe Biden giving George W. Bush a liberty award.  
PART THREE (part one and part two): Jordan Chariton interviews Tim Canova, an independent who ran for Congress in Florida's 23rd district against Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (his second race vs DWS). The results are highly questionable--Canova tells Jordan...
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