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Jordan Chariton, Status Coup CEO

Jordan Chariton, Status Coup CEO, is an independent progressive journalist who’s worked inside, and outside, the belly of the corporate media beast for over a decade.

Chariton began his journalism career in journalism’s house of horrors—Fox News—booking and producing an online news show. From Fox, he crossed Sixth avenue to produce and book at MSNBC. After three years of cable news, Chariton decided the corporatization and sensationalism of corporate media was the antithesis to his brand of citizen and community-focused journalism, so he bolted. After nearly two years producing digital videos for NYC’s lecture hall 92nd Street Y, Chariton began reporting in the digital arena, writing for TVNewser and

In 2015, Chariton joined The Young Turks as its first field reporter, immediately jumping on the campaign trail. While covering the campaign, he began ripping the microphone away from the pundits and “experts” and, instead, interviewing every day Americans struggling in a rigged economy and political system. Chariton grew in prominence for his dogged reporting at the Standing Rock demonstrations in North Dakota, often serving as the only national reporter there to show the brutalization being perpetrated against Native Americans and environmental activists. He also became known for his reporting in Flint, Michigan on the ongoing water crisis—predominately after the corporate media cameras left. His tagline on camera represents his worldview:

Jenn Dize, Status Coup President

Jenn Dize is the co-founder of Status Coup News, reporting on crises and injustices that impact everyday people. She has focused much of her investigative reporting on the Flint water crisis in Michigan. Along with Jordan Chariton, she knocked on nearly 500 doors in Flint, revealing improper lead testing practices in the state. This led Erin Brockovich to call for criminal prosecution of officials involved. Additional reporting for VICE has helped reveal criminal cover-ups and payoffs coming from former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s office, along with a damning picture of who knew what and when.

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