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Will Nina Turner Finally Deliver the Progressive Ruckus in Congress?

Status Coup Reporting Trip | Nina Turner’s Election Day

Nina Turner’s Election Day is August 3rd: She’s being joined in #GetOutTheVote Efforts by Senator Bernie Sanders, Killer Mike, Rep. Cori Bush, Cornel West, Danny Glover, AG Keith Ellison, and More!


Status Coup goes where corporate media won’t–and in this case, that means covering what’s *actually* happening on the ground in Ohio’s 11th district as Nina Turner gets attacked by the Democratic establishment elite, over a million dollars in negative Democratic Party Super Pac ads…and even by Republican–and Trump– sympathizers who’d rather see a corporate Democrat in Congress. 

The fact is that this reporting trip costs a lot, and we need your help to fund it.

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Help keep us on-the-road reporting so we can fund this important reporting trip.

Status Coup’s Jordan Chariton and Jenn Dize are teaming up to report in the final days to election day

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Help keep us on-the-road reporting so we can reveal truth

We Need Your Help

The costs of reporting (especially on an extended trip like this one with three people) really add up.

Costs for three people (Jenn, Jordan, and photojournalist and editor Colin) include gasrental car, flights, hotels, food, LiveU streaming costs (the device we use to go live in-the-field), equipment, and more. We’re frugal, but this adds up for a small, independent start-up like us–ESPECIALLY since we’re being suppressed and YouTube has tanked our income.

We believe in this. We believe in the people. We believe in the power of journalism.

To be upfront, we’re doing this trip on a hope and a prayer because we feel it’s important.

But I KNOW we can do this, with your help. Please, if you’re able to help support the cost of this trip at any amount, know that it makes a difference during these historic times. Know that…

If we don’t do this reporting in the way only WE do it, no one will

Help get the truth out by supporting this reporting road trip at any amount. We have a goal of raising $6,000 for this trip before we head home–this is the cost of not just sitting in the studio, of getting out WITH THE PEOPLE. Absolutely any amount would help us and keeps us reporting.

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Help keep us on-the-road reporting so we can fund this important reporting road trip.

To cover hotels, gas, food, flights, rental car, and Live U streaming costs

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On this page, we’ll update you about the trip, the interviews we’re doing, and what we learn along the way.

Daily Blog Updates:

Friday, July 30, 2021, Day One

(update to come shortly! 🙂 It’s been a lonnnnng day)

Saturday, July 31, 2021, Day Two

Today is a big Get Out the Vote rally with Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner- and a lot of progressive special guests. We’ll be LIVE from the event and from the march after. Stay tuned…

Oh no! Jordan is stuck on the runway! … Update: and now they had to find a whole new plane for his flight… so he’ll be late to the Bernie/Nina GOTV rally. But, he’ll be here come hell or high water!


NEW: The Flint Cover-Up: Wiped Phones and The Battle for Evidence in Rick Snyder’s Prosecution

EXCLUSIVE in partnership with The Intercept and Detroit Metro Times

Top officials in Rick Snyder’s admin had phones “wiped” or altered w/ no messages on them from 18-month period Flint used Flint River. Snyder also refused to give key Flint documents to prosecutors. By Jordan Chariton and Jenn Dize. (more)

IN OCTOBER 2015, then-Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder finally announced that Flint’s water was contaminated with dangerous lead levels. That public admission had come after more than a year of pleading from the city’s residents to examine the situation. The city, Snyder promised, would immediately stop using water from the Flint River, which residents had been drinking for 18 months.

The public announcement raised as many questions as it answered and kick-started a yearslong investigation into how the decision that delivered the toxic water to Flint had been made in the first place, how many people were sickened and killed as a result, and when senior government officials first learned of the deadly consequences.

Along the way, however, investigators who were part of a three-year Flint water investigation beginning in 2016 kept drilling dry holes.

Dr. Eden Wells became Michigan’s chief medical executive in May 2015. By then, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services had been aware for at least seven months of a significant increase in the deadly waterborne Legionnaires’ disease throughout Flint.

But when investigators obtained access to Wells’s phone, they discovered something unusual. “For Dr. Wells’ phone the earliest message is from November 12, 2015,” then-Flint special prosecutor Todd Flood wrote in a subpoena petition obtained by The Intercept. During the key period that investigators were probing, no messages were found…

READ FULL: https://statuscoup.pub/FlintWaterCoverUp

Member Video: Jordan Responds to Anti-Semitic Comment

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