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Hey there,

Getting free stuff is fun…it’s even more fun when you get free stuff as part of supporting a cause you believe in. 

You’re tired of corruption, lies, and spin. Things are hard enough on this planet without having to sort through information designed to benefit the elite and leave everyday people in the dust.

You want truth and facts. You want gritty, fearless reporting that exposes corruption–like what’s going on in Flint. You want to know what’s happening on-the-ground–what REAL people just like you are going through. 

That’s why you’re thrilled to find exactly this type of reporting from Jordan and Jenn at Status Coup. Finally, journalists who give a damn. Journalists who *give the microphone back to the people.*

Status Coup stands on a level all its own. Not funded by corporations or nefarious special interests, but funded by the people, for the people.

Status Coup’s membership is loved because you get behind-the-scenes reporting, video diaries, access to a members-only DISCORD chat, AMA member calls, and a hell of a lot more… 

It’s also LOVED because you get it all for as low as $5/month.

Now, we’re sweetening the deal. We’re about 200 members away from achieving our short-term goal of 2,000 members. 

Through the end of October, you get FREE STATUS COUP SWAG for signing up… 

These are ethically sourced teeshirts, sweatshirts, and prints!

What you get as your free bonus depends on the level of membership you choose to sign up for. You can also claim this offer by signing up/gifting membership for family and friends. 

Simply sign up using the options and links below, then email us at [email protected] with your details of what you want and where we should send it.

Now, we lose money on this deal at the top. But that’s okay because we’re confident you’ll want to stay on as a member because you get so much and it feels so good.

(But, you better hurry as the deal ends this month and/or when we reach 2K members.)

Here’s How to Claim It:

Join as $5/month member

Status Slayer


  •  Behind-the-scenes video diaries from Jordan, Jenn, & the crew
  •  Behind-the-scenes reporting and bonus content
  •  Monthly member calls

JOIN HERE AS A Status Slayer at $5/month:

Coup d’Champion


  •  Everything from Status Slayer category
  •  Monthly behind-the-scenes newsletter and ‘secrets’ from our reporting we can’t share anywhere else
  •  Funding additional in-the-field and investigative reporting from Status Coup!

JOIN HERE AS A Coup d’Champion at $10/month: 

Coup d’Commander


  •  Funding additional in-the-field and investigative reporting from Status Coup!
  •  Access to a special email address to write Jordan and Jenn with questions and receive personalized responses
  •  Funding additional in-the-field and investigative reporting from Status Coup!

JOIN HERE AS A Coup d’Commander at $10/month:

Join as an annual status coup member

Coup d’Cavalry


  •  Everything from the other levels!
  •  Save $61/year over Coup D’Commander option

JOIN HERE as an ANNUAL Coup d’Cavalry at $179/year:

We CAN’T WAIT to welcome you as a new member.

In Solidarity,

Jordan and Jenn

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