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Jordan Chariton interviews investigative journalist Greg Palast on his groundbreaking reporting on election fraud and voter suppression in Georgia, Nebraska, Indiana, Las Vegas, Illinois, and more. He also reveals interesting stories on CNN’s Jake Tapper and the wider corporate media.



  1. Hi Jordan, nice interview with Palast. I had a couple of quick thoughts for you. Greg has done some very difficult and great work for years, but he is human and there are a coupe of areas where I would have loved to see you press him. 1) He’s excellent on Republican-driven voter suppression and fraud. He’s been quite reticent to do the same analysis on Democrats. If you look at his work in the past few years, you’ll see he’s had little to say on the fraudulent 2016 Dem primary. Why is that? 2) His perspective on British news outlets needs to be interrogated a bit. The Guardian went through a change of ownership a few years ago and they’ve become a pretty nasty paper, printing falsities, running smears against Jeremy Corbyn and Julian Assange. Activist Rainer Shea wrote a good piece recently, calling out some of the Guardian’s work: Greg’s perspective on the BBC as well, seems a bit too rosy. They’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time smearing Corbyn with fact-free claims of anti-Semitism and their record on holding the British gov. to account on their support of Saudi Arabia is also pretty scant. Their nonprofit status doesn’t prevent them from much of the same laziness and acceptance of official narratives as any American profit-driven outlet. Regardless, keep up the great work, man. I can imagine it’s difficult to navigate questioning a hard working reporter like Palast without coming off as combative, but he’s human and has his prejudices and blind spots. Cheers.


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