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Support Jordan’s Reporting in South Bend: Mayor Pete, Black Lives Matter, and More



Hey there,

Jordan is on the road again—this time in South Bend, Indiana, home of Mayor Pete.

Already, Jordan has broken a major story on how Pete’s South Bend Police force arrested a young black man while repeating racist lines from a KKK scene in the movie Django Unchained.

He’s interviewing residents, activists, and politicians in South Bend to get a true understanding of what’s going on there, what’s been done and left undone, and the role Pete Buttigieg plays in all of it.

Jordan’s reporting has also been attacked. Last night, just after publishing the story about racist South Bend police and Jordan tweeted it out to his substantial following, this very site on was hit with an attack and shut down. We’ve now had to put measures in place to try to prevent this.

We know it’s the holidays, but reporting trips like this don’t come cheap, especially for a small outlet like Status Coup. If you’re able to help defray the cost of this trip at all, it will allow us to keep digging and reporting on corruption in South Bend, with Mayor Pete, and beyond. It will allow us to continue giving the microphone back to the people.

Here are some of the costs associated with this reporting and trip:

  • Flights: $1000
  • Rental car: $300
  • Hotel: $300
  • Food/groceries: $200

That’s why we’re looking to raise $1,800, specifically for this trip.

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Goal = $1,800

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