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Status Coup Road Trip…and the New Great Depression

COVID-19 has all the headlines, and with good reason. But, there’s a huge part of the story that’s going untold.

It’s the New Great Depression.

People are losing their jobs and struggling to get unemployment checks. They’re facing eviction and a complete collapse of life as they know it.

And Status Coup (Jordan, Jamal, and Jenn!) is there to tell their stories when no one else will.

We’re on a socially distanced road trip through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Kentucky interviewing people who are dealing with economic struggles and what we’re calling The New Great Depression.

On this page, we’ll update you about the trip, the interviews we’re doing, and what we learn along the way.

We also need your help! Due to COVID, we’ve lost a lot of members who are struggling financially and this trip is SO important but it’s pricey to travel cross-country with three people.

Help get the stories of the people out into the world by supporting this reporting road trip at any amount. We have a goal of raising $3,000 for this trip before we head home. Absolutely any amount would help us and keeps our reporting free.

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Daily Blog Updates:


Today, we reported from Newark, NJ and Allentown PA. Check out the interviews from today here:

Millions Facing Evictions as Trump Takes Economic Victory Lap-Jordan LIVE From Newark

Rust Belt City CRUSHED Economically by COVID-Jordan LIVE From Allentown PA

Newark Still Has Lead CRISIS Amid the Pandemic


Today, we reported from outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Incredibly, on our way to Pittsburgh from Allentown, we saw people outside spray painting a flag mural on their front lawn. Jordan saw the opportunity to grab an interesting interview…and boy did he ever!

During the spontaneous interview with a Trump supporter, the man told Jordan that being forced to wear a COVID mask is akin to Jews being forced to wear a yellow star. Definitely a shocking moment…and the whole interview is wild.

This is part of why we are out in-the-field! You never know who you’re going to come across and what people are going to say.

After the interview with the Trump supporter, we continued on to interview a young couple who are dealing with unemployment and have a 1.5-year-old child. In their small town, they are some of the only people who support Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter.

Then, we traveled on to interview three women who are taking a stand against the restaurants they worked/work for. The restaurants were not taking the proper precautions when it comes to COVID and they bravely spoke out!

Check out the interviews from today, here:

Trump Supporter Equates Mandating Masks to Jews Wearing Yellow Stars

The Economic Cliff is Coming—Jordan LIVE from Pittsburgh, PA

Worker QUITS Over Restaurant’s Mishandling of COVID–Jordan LIVE From Pittsburgh


Today, we reported in Akron, Ohio, interviewing Councilwoman Tara Samples. She’s good friends with Nina Turner and BROUGHT THE FIRE! She talked about the response to coronavirus, dropped some insider political knowledge, and even went into some speculation about who she thinks Joe Biden REALLY wants as VP.

It was super hot outside during the interview and we were sweating bullets! We left Akron and stayed the night halfway in between there and Louisville. Tomorrow, we’ll report from Louisville on the murder of Breonna Taylor and ongoing protests.

We also tried something new and went live from the hotel in the morning and later did a Q&A from the car, which was a lot of fun.

Here are the links in case you missed anything:

Happy United Corporations of America Day!!!! Jordan LIVE From Akron Ohio

Jordan and Jenn LIVE From Ohio With Reporting Road Trip Update

Jordan and Jenn Road Trip Q&A


We did it! We had the goal of raising enough in our road trip fundraiser to be able to afford to report in Louisville, Kentucky on the murder of Breonna Taylor and the ongoing protests. We are so grateful that we made it.

Jordan interviewed Councilman-elect Jecorey Arthur about local politics, calls for reparations, Breonna Taylor and David McAtee, and where the movement goes from here.

We were able to get some contacts to line up additional interviews from Jecorey—that’s one of the things about being on the road, you make connections and one thing leads to another.

From there, we went to a mural being painted downtown, featuring Breonna Taylor, David McAtee, and others who’ve been murdered. Several gave incredible speeches and Jordan interviewed a few of the protesters.

On our way home from dinner later, we happened to run right into an ongoing protest march, which happen nightly here in Louisville. I hopped out of the car and Jamal and I followed the march and spoke with some incredibly passionate people who are calling for real change.

Here are today’s streams:

Breonna Taylor’s Murderers Remain Free—Jordan Live From Louisville, KY

Breonna Taylor Mural-Jordan LIVE from Louisville Kentucky

POWERFUL: Protesters Take Knee at Breonna Taylor Mural

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