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Jordan Chariton interviewed Jenn Dize, a journalist who is also the president and co-founder of Status Coup.


  1. I am a 66 year old disabled veteran and I have been sitting in the shadows. I have been listening to the Democratic candidates for president speak their individual truths to a majorly of our disenfranchised electorate. And I can no longer sit in the shadow. The American people must NOW begin to come together under one masthead. We must become ONE very vocal, demonstrative multi-generation, multi-ethnic voting monster in order to defeat the sandbag simpleton who purports to be the leader of the free world. SUCH HOGWASH!! Trump is the leader of the LIARS and HYPOCRITS who are more concerned with speaking truth to money and partisanship than standing for theworking citizens, the backbone of our nation. We must choose Bernie Sanders to break the selfish bonds that bind us to hypocracy. It must be RADICAL change. I have four grown children and six beautiful grandchildren. They need a peaceful, equitable, stable, environmentally friendly world to grow into and Senator Sanders has the reins of change in his hands. We need to be there for Th’ Bernie. God bless him.


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