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Hey there,

For weeks, we’ve been working behind-the-scenes on a story we can’t reveal yet.

I know that sounds mysterious and I wish I could tell you more—but there’s a good reason we’re keeping it a secret for right now. What we’ve found already is BIG and could potentially lead to JUSTICE for the very people who deserve it the most.

This week, we’re flying out to meet with sources and gather an unbeatable paper trail of corruption.

While our investigation has to remain under wraps at the moment, we WILL be doing some additional in-field reporting this week on top of the investigation, so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, we need your help with this trip. We’re currently in talks with a major outlet on this story and there’s a chance they could fund us in the future, but right now we’re on our own. We are powered and funded by the people! If you can help cover any part of our reporting trip, we’d really appreciate it.

Here are some of the costs associated with this reporting and trip:

  • Jordan’s flights: $500
  • Jenn’s flights: $500
  • Rental car: $300
  • Our Airbnb (which saves us significant money over booking hotel rooms): $500
  • Food/groceries: $200

That’s why we’re looking to raise $2,000, specifically for this trip.

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Goal = $2,000

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