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Support Jordan, Jenn, and Ty On Our Upcoming Reporting Trip to Flint…


Hey there,

Status Coup was built on the promise of giving the microphone back to the people. And we’ve done just that, over and over again.

It involves traveling to where the people are—where they’re in crisis and need a platform. From Flint to Chicago, to Seattle, to Ohio, to Canada, and all the other places we’ve reported from, it’s our mission as a company.

We’re proud of the coverage we’ve done as a new media company. There are ‘independent’ media companies that have millions more in support and funding, yet never seem to leave their shiny studios. That’s not what we’re about.

We’re asking for your help, and I’ll get into that more in a second. First, know that we wouldn’t exist without you. With you, we thrive. We get out there.

It’s important you know that…

Flint is still in crisis.

The water STILL isn’t safe and no one seems to be paying attention…


The journalists have all left (we haven’t!) and there’s a big empty void in coverage that seems to result in people thinking the water must be fine, that the residents must not be suffering.

But, as we’ve shown you, that’s far from the truth. There are little babies still breaking out in rashes and bumps from the water. There are people still getting ill from the water. There are children still forgetting how to count and say their ABC’s from the water.


That’s why we’re going back…


We’re going back to Flint at the end of April so that NO ONE forgets what the people are going through


Again, we need your help to get there. I won’t beat around the bush because I know you’re busy. Going in-field costs a lot of money—money we don’t have right now. Our operating costs and previous trips have taken up the majority of the funds we’ve raised to this point.



We can’t and won’t give up on going to Flint. It’s far too important…



Here are some of the costs associated with going to Flint for a week:

  • Jordan’s flights: $250
  • Jenn’s flights: $150
  • Ty’s flights: $400
  • Rental car: $300
  • Our Airbnb (which saves us significant money over booking hotel rooms): $750
  • Food/groceries: $300
  • Incidental equipment and reporting costs $400

That’s why we’re looking to raise $2,550, specifically for this trip.


Can you help us make it to Flint?



Support Our Reporting Trip:

Goal = $2,550

Progress = $1,684 ($866 left to raise)


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Thank you!

Jordan, Jenn, and Ty

Status Coup

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