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Trump and his dangerous and vile rhetoric were boosted by corporate media. Hillary Clinton might be in for another run. And the family of Botham Jean, who was murdered by a policewoman, deserves to win a lawsuit.


  1. Trump never answers a question – never does a press conference. He can pontificate like Hitler. Until we have mandated press conferences (and mandated debates during the election cycle) we will have more one-way communication with OUR public servants.

  2. On Botham Jean story. A while back I saw somewhere a video of police training and it showed why policing is an abomination. We also need to know the percentage of police who are ex-soldiers (who’ve been trained to kill and have that personality into PTSD/depression/brain-washing/guilt/steroided.) When you have few skills/education you take these war/policing positions – they are UNQUALIFIED for policing – war are order takers/paid assassins.


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