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There’s a notion that’s been perpetrated by a web of powerful, well-connected elites that America is a land of unlimited possibility and opportunity for all. This American dream has been branded and stuffed down your throats via television, pop-culture, and our nation’s news platforms. The problem: it’s actually is a dream, one intentionally kept far from realization by a tight-knit cabal of lobbyists, politicians, bankers, corporations and their allies in corporate media.

Since the deregulation of the media industry in the 1990’s, corporatization of America’s fourth estate has left the majority of real people’s struggles, environmental genocide, economic devastation, police brutality, and widespread corruption off the airwaves and leading newspaper front pages.


Follow the money! Ownership of our media has been seized by a mix of multi-billion dollar corporate conglomerates or wealthy plutocrats. The result: sensationalism, endless faux-controversy, propaganda, and corporate-framed “news” that leaves citizens uninformed, misinformed, and ultimately, inactive as the country’s morph to oligarchy accelerates.

This is the stale, dangerous status quo that Status Coup will journalistically attack by giving the microphone back to the people through aggressive in-the-field reporting and commentary that focus on stories of real struggle amongst everyday people—and the corruption causing it. Status Coup’s mission is simple: expose the quite injustice, corruption, and theft of working people’s futures by the elite aided by a corrupt corporate media.

You’ll see us across America descending into communities before other cameras arrive and long after they’re gone. In the end, real change can only come when the majority of the masses are awoken. Status Coup’s journalism aims to do exactly that, brought to you by independent reporters and commentators exercising guerilla journalism untainted by corporate overlords or plutocrats.

Our model will be funded by the very people we cover—YOU. Help us build a grassroots media revolution and contribute to our GoFundMe.