Watch Flushing Flint NOW! (here’s the password)

Hey there, It's time! The documentary is now out JUST for you as a Status Coup Member and for Flint residents. Go to this URL: And use this password: justiceforflint (PLEASE do not share that with anyone who's not a member or Flint...

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Documentary delayed

Update: Status Coup members and Flint residents-- unfortunately the video processor we're using isn't going to finish today (it's taken MANY hours). So, the #FlushingFlint doc will be available tomorrow. We are SO sorry for the delay. But we hope the wait will be...

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Jordan Drops Laptop in Bathtub & Other Musings

In this clip, Jordan explains how he was able to make key political observations as a result of dropping his laptop in the bathtub (oy vey!) Thanks for supporting Status Coup as a member! You can also support our reporting through our GoFundMe....

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Support Our Upcoming Trip to Flint!

Support Jordan, Jenn, and Ty On Our Upcoming Reporting Trip to Flint...   Hey there, Status Coup was built on the promise of giving the microphone back to the people. And we've done just that, over and over again. It involves traveling to where the people...

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Bernie Vs. Biden Poll Lies Again

The latest Quinnipiac poll shows that Biden, Bernie, and Beto currently take the top three spots in the race to 2020. Unfortunately along with that comes the opportunity for headlines to lie with statistics and feed the population Biden when they really want Bernie....

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EXPOSED: NBC News Is Now Unofficially Working for the DNC

Journalist Yasher Ali came forward saying that NBC's Dafna Linzer wanted him to hold a major scoop and used a menacing tone. They didn't want it held for them... they wanted it held for the DNC. How often does this happen? Jenn reports.

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How a CIVILIZED Country Treats Its People

Jenn reports from Vancouver, CA about the homelessness crisis—and one of the ways a civilized country treats its people, regardless of status or income. WATCH, SHARE, LIKE, COMMENT SUPPORT Status Coup monthly/annually so we...

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CNN Concocts Deceptive Poll to Hurt Bernie Sanders

Jordan reports on CNN's presidential poll---in which the network undersampled millennial voters and oversampled older voters—to declare Bernie Sanders is losing support across all voting groups.

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